Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ke arah kulit sihat dan cantik bak porcelain di pagi Syawal dengan BB PLUS COLLAGEN

Hi All! How are you guys doing? Hope semua sihat-sihat and enjoy the long weekend ahead! J Dalam pada cuti-cuti ni, I suka sangat nak share something yang I rasa semua wanita cantik kat luar tu deserve to know about this secret.

BUT, since I’m going to tell ya’all apakah rahsia itu, then info ni dah tak jadi rahsia lagi la kan? And I really hope you guys akan share the info with your love ones! J

Okay before I start telling you guys what is the secret, please choose which skin face that you would like to have at the age of 50? Or 60? Maybe? Or 80?

Personally, I chose the right one! J How about you?

Korang tau tak, 70% dari kulit kita terdiri daripada KOLAGEN? And semakin kita berusia, kadar kolagen dalam kulit kita semakin berkurangan dan itulah sebabnya kita perlukan supplement untuk “top-up” balik kolagen yang makin berkurangan tu.  Korang nak tahu tak apa tanda-tanda badan kita kekurangan kolagen? Cuba korang tengok gambar kat bawah ni.

Oh NO! I taknak jadi macam ni L I percaya korang pun taknak jadi camni kan?

Now, sila rasa kulit anda. Korang rasa kulit korang yang mana 1?  

DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY! Korang jangan risau sebab I ada solutions to this BIG BIG problem especially to those yang sangat pentingkan kesihatan and kecantikan! Korang mesti selalu dengarkan “Beauty is a PAIN” ? Trust me it is NOT NECESSARY TO BE IN PAIN TO LOOK HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFULLY GORGEOUS!


To be honest with you all, as I am getting older *erk okay I have to tell you all that I am 28yrs “young” this year!  J *, I noticed that banyak sangat perubahan dekat my whole body. It started from my hair to toe though. Uwaaaaa what have happened to me ? L

·         My hair banyak giler gugur sampai I rasa takut nak sikat my hair and I memang boleh jamin I akan botak at the age of 35 yrs “young” L

·        My tumit kaki starting to have cracks and kasar. I sapu macam-macam brand lotion specially for my heels, pun tak okay jugak L

·        For you info, my skin type memang a bit dry and it’s getting worst sebab my skin makin lama makin kering eventhough I sapu macam-macam jenis lotions dari brand yang paling murah sampaila yang paling mahal! *Jangan tanya I berapa banyak dah duit I habis L *

·        Yang ni paling tak boleh I terima. I sakit lutut after I balik from my vacation in South Korea in early 2013. Uwaaaa semua orang cakap “ Wanie, you muda lagi. How come you boleh sakit lutut? I tell you all, I sampai pegi jumpa doctor 3 kali tau! And I almost pegi jumpa specialist sebab sakit yang melampau.  

TAPI….ITU DULU…NOW semua tu dah tak jadi masalah lagi! Yeayyyy! J Nak tau apa I makan? Taraaaaaaaaa here it is :

BB PLUS COLLAGEN! My hero to my issues! J

Apa yang best about BB PLUS COLLAGEN ni adalah :

·         Combination roselle and blackcurrant make the taste super yummy! Kalau you all nak tau rasa BB PLUS COLLAGEN ni macam mana? Rasa dia EXACTLY  macam RIBENA! J

·         BB PLUS COLLAGEN ni tak berlendir or ber”jelly” at all! So sangat mouth friendly sebab senang giler nak telan BB PLUS COLLAGEN ni J

·         And lastly, mestila collagen ni best sebab, kehebatan collagen ni tolong kurangkan masalah-masalah I yang banyak tu J Alhamdulillah J

More info on the benefits of having BB PLUS COLLAGEN in your beautiful routine J

Nak tau how I take the BB PLUS COLLAGEN? Haaa ini my recipe and l love it so much!
1.       Pour 150ml cold water (from fridge) into a glass

2.       Take 1 sachet of BB PLUS Collagen and put it together in the cold water. Stir until it mix well.

3.       Now you are ready to enjoy your BB PLUS COLLAGEN! J

I love to take the BB PLUS COLLAGEN before I go to bed J Sebab masa tido la our body is resting and just imagine, with its 3R concepts, BB PLUS COLLAGEN will help us to REPAIR, REPLENISH AND RENEW our skins and body from within! Kalau tak percaya, cuba try tengok muka korang after bangun tido. I boleh guarantee muka you all berseri je J Ha! Macam tula baru orang kata Natural beauty ye tak? J


For best price, contact me at 013-3011330.
Xoxo! J

 p/s :

I dah minum 2 kotak BB PLUS COLLAGEN ni and I am so happy sebab muka “V” shape I dah jadi kenyataan! Yeayyyy..hahhaha fine call me perasan and I tak kisah pun sebab it is “V” shape. So what?  :p



Sunday, 19 May 2013

Moving to another chapter :)

Salam semua and hola! :)

Been a while I tak update my blog. So sorry about that. I was busy managing my business and my work :) Tapi after this, I will have more time to update this blog and hope you guys will stay tune k? :)

Moving to another chapter..hehheh bukan chapter buku k? but more to the chapter of my life:) So many things has happened in May 2013 and I thanked Allah for the rezeki and petunjuk that HE has showed me :)

In May 2013, I started my SOHObiz and I took a BRAVE step to resign from my current company (no. 1 oil and gas company) just to focus on my business. I've been thinking about my resignation for quite a while. With what has happened in the office, I don't think that place can make me HAPPY to wakeup every morning for five days a week (Promised won't tell you why :p ) ANYMORE! But of coursela I appreciate the experience and surely akan rindu my dearest friend in XOM :(

June 7th, 2013 will be my last day in the office and I can't wait to focus on my business. Yeayyy :) So happy that I finally buat apa yang I suka and it makes me HAPPY :)

Bertuah sangat I berada di bawah group Top Leaders Circle or famously known as #TLC :) All business mentors in TLC sangat humble and tak kedekut to share their tips to success in this SOHObiz :) We all macam a big family under Salha Zain and Al-Faath.  Alhamdulillah, I ditemukan dengan orang yang baik-baik dan Berjaya. InsyaAllah bila kita dikelilingi dengan orang yang Berjaya, kita pun akan jadi sama macam diaorang jugak. Amin :)

Say "hi" if you see this logo in public kay? :)

                   " From left is CDM abg Al-Faath, CDM Abg Lan and CDM Salha Zain".
                                     Orang Kuat di B32 and founder TLC :)
Lastly is the one yang sangat banyak membantu Saff dalam SOHObiz ni is my own mentor yang Saff dah anggap macam my own sister :) Her name is Ieda Rani. Kalau takde Kak Ieda, sure I tak jadi macam sekarang ni..Thanks Kak Ieda! I heart you deep2 :)

Okay till then k? I dah sleepy dah- _- and before that I kena look back my calendar so that I tak lupa my business appointment tomorrow! :) Have a good rest peeps and thank you for reading! :)

Saturday, 4 May 2013

BB Plus Collagen - 3R concepts

What are the benefits of drinking BB Plus Collagen?

Aging damages collagen that leads to skin damage
Collagen accounts for 70% of the dermal layer of our skin. It is the basic building block of skin, bones, cartilage and other connective tissues in our body. Collagen assists in the regeneration of skin and works to maintain the skin’s suppleness. In the cartilage of the joints, it functions as a cushion to reduce the burden on structural system, especially the hips, joints and knees.

External and internal ageing factors can damage protein fibres, fibroblasts and vitamins needed to stimulate collagen production. These result in aging of skin.

Why BB Plus?
BB Plus is made primarily from high quality fish collagen. Fish collagen is a Type 2 collagen, said to have a structure of an amino acid chain perfectly compatible to the humans. Due to the natural habitat of fish, the collagen derived from this marine animal has sufficient amino acids namely Proline & Glycine in their lower body temperature, similar to human collagen. Proline and Glycine are two amino acids responsible for formation of collagen, maintaining skin and cartilage. Fish collagen then are produced to peptides using latest technology for better absorption and availability.

How does BB Plus works?

How do I enjoy BB Plus Collagen?
Mix one (1) sachet of BB Plus into 150ml water. Avoid using hot water. Stir well and consume immediately. Best to be taken before meal or before bedtime. Suitable for diabetics. Color, taste and texture may vary slightly from batch to batch as only all-natural ingredients are used.

* Sugar Free and Cholesterol Free
Natural sugar replacer with Low Glycemic Index are used to cater for people with diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.


Price : MYR 180/box (20 sachet)

Saff 013-3011330

Friday, 3 May 2013

Are you with me?


It is true money is not everything. But living in this kind of world, we have to be realistic and admit, with money everything is POSSIBLE.
Some people may think that it is still early to think and plan ahead towards your retirement. But for me, I have started to think on how I want myself to retire in the next 32 years. (imagine if the retirement age is 60). I believe if you know how you want yourself to retire at the age of 60yrs old, you will start to plan on what you should do to achieve the target.
I believe at this age, I should work hard and have less rest in order for me to have more sleeps at my old age :)
I would love to remind myself and all people that I love about the followings :
1. Sihat sebelum sakit
2. Muda sebelum tua
3. Kaya sebelum miskin
4. Lapang sebelum sempit
5. Hidup sebelum mati

Besides my plans towards retirement, I want to make my parents happy and have what they want during their young days; where they have to put us on top of their needs and wish to ensure their children are educated. Our parents always told us that, with educations, you can change your own life! That was so true Mak Abah :) Thank you for everything and at this time around, please allow us to make both of you happy :) Ya Allah, please grant them Jannah :)
Just imagine if you guys ada duit lebih and you know what? You can give back to the society . Imagine, this kind of activities la yang boleh tolong kita kat SANA nanti..Wallahualam.
Sekarang, cuba tengok your own wallet, check your saving account, revisit your ASB and Tabung Haji book or check your EPF statement, calculate those thing and ask yourself would you achieve your dreams with that amount of savings/money? Can you help your parents and provide the best education for your childrens?
If your answer is YES, Alhamdulillah.. BUT If your answer is you are NOT SURE or NO , this is the time to TAKE ACTION and Let's start the BABY STEPS!
If you guys terfikir bisnes apa yang korang boleh buat and nak tau how to setup this online bisnes, jangan segan nak book your appointment with me. I will guide you sampai JADI! InsyaAllah :)


Saff 013-3011330

Welcome to my blog peeps!

Assalamualaikum and Hello to All :)

Welcome to my blog! :) In this blog I will share with you my journey to a great and beautiful life with TLC-Mpower group yang I dah anggap macam adik beradik I sendiri walaupun some of them tak pernah jumpe..but yet we are very close to each other and they are always there to give support when the rest of the member ade problem or need any I always said to them, I love you guys deep-deep :)

Of course special thanks to my Family, friends and mentor yang sangat supportive and always have trust in me in what I'm doing :) May Allah gave all of you Jannah. Amin :)

In this blog, I'm going to share with you all the good things of Hai-O products. I'm saying this because I have tried all of them and I'm not going to recommend it to my clients if the products is not worth it and wasting your money. At the end of the day, I just want to ensure all my clients are happy with the results and that is REAL satisfaction for me :) I bukan setakat nak jual barang je, I nak customer yang beli barang tu dapat manfaat dari apa yang I jual and share :)

In this blog you will see a real testimonials from my family members, close friends and of course my dearest customers after they have tried the products. Stay tune k for the story :)

Hope you guys will enjoy and have some benefits from this blog!

Take care and stay safe :)

Saff Xoxo!