Friday, 3 May 2013

Are you with me?


It is true money is not everything. But living in this kind of world, we have to be realistic and admit, with money everything is POSSIBLE.
Some people may think that it is still early to think and plan ahead towards your retirement. But for me, I have started to think on how I want myself to retire in the next 32 years. (imagine if the retirement age is 60). I believe if you know how you want yourself to retire at the age of 60yrs old, you will start to plan on what you should do to achieve the target.
I believe at this age, I should work hard and have less rest in order for me to have more sleeps at my old age :)
I would love to remind myself and all people that I love about the followings :
1. Sihat sebelum sakit
2. Muda sebelum tua
3. Kaya sebelum miskin
4. Lapang sebelum sempit
5. Hidup sebelum mati

Besides my plans towards retirement, I want to make my parents happy and have what they want during their young days; where they have to put us on top of their needs and wish to ensure their children are educated. Our parents always told us that, with educations, you can change your own life! That was so true Mak Abah :) Thank you for everything and at this time around, please allow us to make both of you happy :) Ya Allah, please grant them Jannah :)
Just imagine if you guys ada duit lebih and you know what? You can give back to the society . Imagine, this kind of activities la yang boleh tolong kita kat SANA nanti..Wallahualam.
Sekarang, cuba tengok your own wallet, check your saving account, revisit your ASB and Tabung Haji book or check your EPF statement, calculate those thing and ask yourself would you achieve your dreams with that amount of savings/money? Can you help your parents and provide the best education for your childrens?
If your answer is YES, Alhamdulillah.. BUT If your answer is you are NOT SURE or NO , this is the time to TAKE ACTION and Let's start the BABY STEPS!
If you guys terfikir bisnes apa yang korang boleh buat and nak tau how to setup this online bisnes, jangan segan nak book your appointment with me. I will guide you sampai JADI! InsyaAllah :)


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