Sunday, 19 May 2013

Moving to another chapter :)

Salam semua and hola! :)

Been a while I tak update my blog. So sorry about that. I was busy managing my business and my work :) Tapi after this, I will have more time to update this blog and hope you guys will stay tune k? :)

Moving to another chapter..hehheh bukan chapter buku k? but more to the chapter of my life:) So many things has happened in May 2013 and I thanked Allah for the rezeki and petunjuk that HE has showed me :)

In May 2013, I started my SOHObiz and I took a BRAVE step to resign from my current company (no. 1 oil and gas company) just to focus on my business. I've been thinking about my resignation for quite a while. With what has happened in the office, I don't think that place can make me HAPPY to wakeup every morning for five days a week (Promised won't tell you why :p ) ANYMORE! But of coursela I appreciate the experience and surely akan rindu my dearest friend in XOM :(

June 7th, 2013 will be my last day in the office and I can't wait to focus on my business. Yeayyy :) So happy that I finally buat apa yang I suka and it makes me HAPPY :)

Bertuah sangat I berada di bawah group Top Leaders Circle or famously known as #TLC :) All business mentors in TLC sangat humble and tak kedekut to share their tips to success in this SOHObiz :) We all macam a big family under Salha Zain and Al-Faath.  Alhamdulillah, I ditemukan dengan orang yang baik-baik dan Berjaya. InsyaAllah bila kita dikelilingi dengan orang yang Berjaya, kita pun akan jadi sama macam diaorang jugak. Amin :)

Say "hi" if you see this logo in public kay? :)

                   " From left is CDM abg Al-Faath, CDM Abg Lan and CDM Salha Zain".
                                     Orang Kuat di B32 and founder TLC :)
Lastly is the one yang sangat banyak membantu Saff dalam SOHObiz ni is my own mentor yang Saff dah anggap macam my own sister :) Her name is Ieda Rani. Kalau takde Kak Ieda, sure I tak jadi macam sekarang ni..Thanks Kak Ieda! I heart you deep2 :)

Okay till then k? I dah sleepy dah- _- and before that I kena look back my calendar so that I tak lupa my business appointment tomorrow! :) Have a good rest peeps and thank you for reading! :)


  1. Inshaa Allah... saf juga nnti akan menjadi pemimpin warisan kami...

    1. InshaAllah Kak Ieda :) One day I want to be like you and Kak Salha :)