Thursday, 27 June 2013


Hi lovelies!
How you guys are doing? I hope everyone are remain healthy during this hazy day k? Make sure you guys have your face mask if you plan to go outdoor. Otherwise, please stay indoor kay?
I miss you all so much!
 I'm so sorry for not updating my blog for quite sometime -_- I have a lots to share but need to settle few things before I can start my writing. Please stay with me ya? :)
I need to sleep now and hope you guys will have a good night too kay?
Here you go, a special song for YOU :)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

2013 Diamond Night - Part 1

Salam dearest  :)
First of all, I wanna say thank you to you guys who has dropped by at my blog and spend some time to read about my story. May Allah bless you all :) Now the hit has already 1000++ (hahaha for a beginner this number is something :)  and I hope to have 1M hits soon..InshaAllah :)
Sorry sebab dah lama tak update blog. Reason tak update bukan sebab malas tau..Sebab utama is Saf busy meeting my dearest business partner yang nak berubah dari biasa-biasa kepada hidup luar biasa :) and at the same time Saf sibuk sikit buat preparation for the Diamond Night tomorrow..opppsss ape tu Diamond Night? Kalau nak tau, you all have to keep on reading it kay? :)

Basically, Diamond Night ni Hai-O adakan setiap tahun untuk meraikan usahawan-usahawan Hai-O yang berpangkat Diamond atas segala usaha mereka selama menjadi bergelar usahawan Hai-O. Malam ni jugak, all the Diamond Managers will receive their Car Key..wohooooo imagine company bagi you kereta idaman you all..hmmmm macam pelik je kalau taknak kan?
Diamond Night this year a bit special for us because our founder of Top Leaders Circle, CDM kak Salha Zain will be the main speaker for the night! Yeayyyy :) She will share with 7000 guest from all over places in Malaysia about her journey in this business from a plain housewife until she has been pickep up by Malaysia government as the MALAYSIA SOHONISTA ICON. I am so lucky to know her personally and be in the group :) Kalau siapa nak kenal Kak Salha, boleh la datang kat event ni malam esok :) 
For your info, at the beginning of her millionaire journey, Kak Salha started her business with a capital of MYR14.60 ONLY and now she received 6 figures income every month! Have you guys ever imagine if you can go to the bank once a week and bank in to your saving account at least MYR 150K per week? She's so inspiring and I am looking forward to listen to her story and one day I want to be like her too! Ameen :) 
Not only that, tomorrow my beloved mentor kak Ieda Rani pun akan naik stage to receive her Diamond award and her car key! Kalau you all nak tau, how's Kak Ieda life before joining Hai-O, you guys boleh visit her blog by clicking her name. Witness with your own eyes how this business has changed her life from zero to hero :)    
My first Diamond Night ever and if tomorrow I witness my mentor will go on stage, soon I pulak akan naik stage..InshaAllah :)
My dress for tomorrow night! :)

In sha Allah esok Saf akan buat live updates from The Mines kay? :)

For now let's practice this song "SAYANG" :)


Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Hi my dearest readers! :)
Have you guys been wondering why I quit my job and choose to do this business? Why I left xom when I have very stabil income? and Alhamdulillah to compare with my other friends, I'm doing just fine? 
Well, that's only how you see it from the outside. The real is, the pay is not enough for someone like me. Yes, you can call me materialistic or whatever. But I call it as REALISTIC.
After a deep thought, only now I have courage to share with all of you why I'm doing this business and been so in love with the return :) You know right it's not easy to tell the whole world about your personal life...But then, I think it is also good to share about it because my story may inspires others to do the same. I hope, In sha Allah :)
Okay...I have no complaint about my salary. Alhamdulillah, I have enough to pay my house rental, car payment, personal loan, utilities and that already cost me MYR2,500. Then MYR500 for mom's groceries. Saving in ASB MYR 500/month and in Tabung Haji MYR 200/month. Toll and petrol is MYR 500/month on monthly basis and just enough to survive till the pay day again in the following month. Okay too many numbers right? Okay in summary I will have balance of MYR 1,200 to survive till the next pay.
Okay what say you guys? Banyak? first I pun fikir banyak and I will survive. But as I'm getting mature (word older is too ancient :p ) hahahaha...I don't think it is enough. I will be 28 years old this coming November (hint hint :p ), and I have no enough saving to buy my first house, give more money to my parents and many more. Sedih kan? -_-
I always prefer to buy my first house or apartment from developer because the price normally is cheaper compared if you buy through agent and I am very particular about the age of the house or apartment that I wanna buy. Takkan I nak beli rumah yang dah 10 tahun siapkan? Just imagine the condition.
One day,I have visited a nice and to me affordable apartment in Putrajaya. They offered a good deal. I have to pay only 7% from the total price and that's all. Since the apartment is on DIBS scheme, then I don't need to pay the monthly fee until the house is fully developed. Interesting right? At least for someone who wanted to buy her first house. Of course I have choice to buy readily available apartments or houses, but I have to remember that I need to have cash in hand for the 10% deposit, legal fees and SPA. That's not cheap and the big issue is I don't have enough cash! -_-
 Nak di jadikan cerita, my Dad pergi daftar haji and he brought my mom along. My Dad managed to register himself but my mom not since she's not working and have no saving at all. I happened to called her that day and she told me about my dad and asked me to register myself to perform Haj since I am working and registration can be done via KWSP. Can you see? Once you are mother, you will always be a mother. Always sacrifice for her own needs and never ever tell her children how much she want something :'( Then, I asked her how much that requirement from Tabung Haji if someone's not working to register Haj and she told me MYR 1,300. Seriously, I cried after she told me that. That amount pun I tak mampu nak bagi my mom. Allah knows how much I wanted to bring my parents to perform Haj when they both still healthy :'(
I have been in the company for five years and they gave me annual increment in terms of percentage. So you can guess and hope the percentage will be more than 10%. Alhamdulillah, I always got more than that :) But again this is not enough. Why I said it is not enough?
If your base pay is MYR 6,500 and your new increment in 2014 is 15% , means that your new salary in 2014 will have additional of MYR 975 and that will make your total 2014 base pay is MYR 7,475.  Wowwwww Nampak macam banyak kan? Tapi cuba tengok balik MYR 975 (the 15% increment)  kalau you divide with 12 months, sebulan increment you just MYR 81.75. I asked myself is this my worth? Kerja macam tak hengat dunia and no work life balance I dapat banyak tu je? And kalau korang nak tau daily rate, senang all divide MYR 7,475 with 30 days (or any numbers based on your own company la ) and you will get your daily rate is MYR 248.57.
This make me thinking. I did my own projection on how much will be my base pay when I reach 30 years old. Will I have enough saving for myself, my parents, my siblings? Will I be meeting my Mr. Right if I stay on in this no "work life balance" environment?
I know this business for a year ago from Kak Ieda Rani. She keep on posted about the goodness of wearing Premium Beautiful Corset in her facebook and I have been her silence follower since then. When Kak Ieda ( becoming my mentor now), told me about how much she get as the return, I'm quite excited to join the business and that time (in 2012)  I wanted to do it so badly but my mom does not allowed me because she do understand how I worked in XOM. She afraid I will abandoned my business. But being stubborn, I still applied a loan to do this business but it does not approve for some reasons that bank don't want to reveal. Fine -_-
After all, I never give up to tell my mom and dad what are my dreams, what I wanted to do for them, helping my siblings and how I wanted to give back to the society. In March 2013, my mom and dad finally say YES for me to join this business. Once they said YES, I never looked back and Alhamdulillah things goes so smooth with their blessing :) 
My mom now already registered for Haj and I can't wait to bring my parents and all my siblings to perform Umrah early next year :) In sha Allah.
Besides that, now I started to have saving for my first house :)
All this happened because of this business :) Thanks Allah for the rezeki :)
Okayla that's all for now..
I love the lyrics in this song so much!
Hope you will enjoy it too peeps! :)
Thank you for reading dearest and now I'm off to bed since I'm going to have a long and productive day tomorrow! :)
Wanie/Saff :)

Monday, 17 June 2013

Akwadek and Akwadyne in Miss PB. Ape tu?

Salam dearest! :)

How's your Monday today? Mine was great Alhamdulillah :) Been busy with questions from my beloved clients yang nak pakai PB but no complaints dear coz I enjoy what I'm doing :)
Hope everyone have a great day so far and please please enjoy the remaining Monday with your loves one kay? :)

Okay harini, Saf nak cerita sikit ape itu Akwadek and Akwadyne? Pernah dengar tak? Maybe pernah dengar but don't care what are they all about kan? Or langsung tak pernah dengar? Heheheh apepun jawapan you all, Saf akan cerita in simple ways kay what is actually these two fabrics..Keep on reading dearest..

For your info, Miss PB (from now onwards, Saf will call set Corset Premium Beautiful as "Miss PB"), ni fabricnya diperbuat daripada combination of fabric akwadek and akwadyne..


What is Akwatek and Akwadyne?

 Akwatek is Wickers unique process that actually alters the fabric to "wick" perspiration away from the bodto cool or warm and keep you dry, not only in extreme outdoor activities, but in everyday activities, ANYWHERE.

Unlike the capillary action of other fabrics that need to be worn close to the skin to transport moisture, the revolutionary Akwatek process pulls moisture away from the body much faster. It actually duplicates and enhances the thermoregulatory actions of the body crating a vapor barrier to keep you cool when the weather is warm, and vice versa when the weather is cold.

The patented Wickers process does not use any add-on chemicals, but instead effects a molecular change in the polyester material, which remains for the life of the garment. Its anti-bacterial barrier helps to control odor, and the process stays locked in for life, even after repeated washing.


What are Akwatek do for you?

1. Stay cool when it's warm
- The more you perspire in warm temperatures, the more Wickers fabric moves moisture from the body. As activity decreases, the fabric will reduce the evaporation process, leaving a constant water barrier between the fabric and your skin.

2. Stay warm when it's cold
Akwatek creates a layer of 100% relative humidity between the fabric and your skin, creating an area of moist air that holds more heat during cooler temperatures. It pulls moisture away, increasing the heat capacity of the trapped air next to your skin.
Akwatek Versus Other Fabrics

Electrostatic vs. Capillary
Akwatek is unlike fabrics that need to be worn close to the skin to create humidity, relying on capillary action. If the capillary fabric gaps, the draw is broken and becomes ineffective. As a result, heat is lost for the wearer.
With Akwatek, individual molecules are separated, thus favoring evaporation.
What Akwadyne do for you?

Akwadyne” tissue is a reliable body thermoregulator. The underwear made of “Akwadyne” does not only warm you when you feel cold, it as well cools
you when you feel hot!
Haaa amacam? Faham tak? Kalau tak faham, Saf dah summarize dah macam dalam table kat bawah nih :)

To be honest, after experience pakai Miss PB I can observe and witness :
- Fabric memang bermutu tinggi and tahan regangan.
- Fabric pun sangat ringan and mudah di bawa kemana-mana.
- Material memang ikut suhu badan kita. Kalau demam pakai Miss PB lagi cepat 'kebah'
- If weather too hot during the day and you sweat a lot, don't worry sebab memang takde bau-bau ketiak bawang ni ha :)
- Nak cuci Miss PB pun senang giler. Rendam dalam 5 minit and gosok-gosok manja je :)
- Fabric akan follow bentuk badan kita. Adeke lingerie you all follow bentuk badan you all?
- Lastly sangat-sangat SELESA :)

Tak percaya ape yang Saf cakap? Nak rasa sendiri kain ni dengan tangan you all? Boleh je :)
PM me at 013-3011 330.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Why you should love Premium Beautiful?


Premium Beautiful Corset is a SUPERBRAND Corset for Health and Beauty. Premium Beautiful Corset is currently the Number One choice in Malaysia for women who want to be healthy, beautiful and have high confidence.

With its unique Far-Infrared-Rays (FIR) technology, as well as being recognised by 3 International Chiropractic Associations, it is no surpise that thousands of Malaysian women have choosen Premium Beautiful Corset.

Premium Beautiful Corset is a set consist of Long Bra, Waist Nipper and Long Girdle.


1. Specially design for 70% health and 30% beauty.
2. Instant body shaping and slimming.
3. Improved blood circulation and increase metabolic rate.
 4. Each set is made of highly durable quality,
4. The pioneer in using Far Infrared Rays (FIR) technology in women lingerie.
5. Recommended by 3 International Chiropractic Associations.
6. 360 degrees elasticity to promote highest level of comfort.

More details about PB, please click HERE


  • Far Infrared Ray (FIR) is one of the ‘GOOD’ energy wave that comes from our Sunlight. Unlike the ‘bad’ waves such as Ultraviolet & Microwaves which is harmful if exposed to.
  •  FIR can provide positive effects and is proven to be beneficial to humans.
  • In recent years, FIR has also been widely accepted as alternative therapy for various diseases.

More info about FIR, please click HERE


  • Proven to be Malaysian Women’s favorite with happy clients ranging from the royalties, celebrities to the masses of housewives  and women all over Malaysia.

  • The product was also honored with a SUPERBRAND Award to prove its claims as the No.1 Corset in Malaysia.

Don’t take our words for it. Hear what the REAL people who wears the magical corset has to say about this product as your can search for thousands of happy testimonials all around the Internet.
Below are the summary of the most common testimonials:
1. Best solution to relief and provide support for back-pain and slip disc.
2. Fastest BODY SHAPING solution. Perfect Corset for brides to be, fit perfectly into your Wedding dress.
3. For post-delivery and while in confinement period, a perfect modern ‘Bengkung’ and ‘Barut’ as compared to the traditional ones.
4. Help patients REDUCED & ELIMINATE cyst and fibroid.
5. Return the stretched-mark skins back to its normal tone.
6. Alleviate asthma attacks
7. Firm and shaping breast and buttocks
8. REDUCED Migraine, Period Pain and NORMALIZE period cycle

My mentor in this business, Kak Ieda Rani, Can you spot the difference?

CONTACT ME AT 013-3011 330

Wanie/Saff :)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Perlumbaan antara arnab dan kura-kura version moden

Hi lovelies! :)
Got this video from my mentor in this business kak Ieda Rani and I feel it is worth to share it with all of you :)
I hope you guys will get the message(s) after you have watched the video :)

In Top Leaders Circle aka TLC, we work together as a team and we bond to each other like sisters :)
With an experience business mentor in TLC, all entrepreneur will be guided to achieve SUCCESS and makes millions income just by doing it online! :) Yang bestnye our business leader is Salha Zain who has been appointed to be the icon for Sohonista Malaysia.
Amazing right?
Ask me on how we do it and we will guide you to achieve your DREAMS :)
013-3011 330
Wanie/Saff :)

Monday, 10 June 2013

Service Lunch cum Farewell lunch

Salam Dearest :)

How are you guys? Hope everyone ceria-ceria selalu kay? :)
Alhamdulillah Saff kat sini sihat-sihat je :)
In my previous post remember I promised, that I'm going to share with you guys, photos during my farewell and service lunch ? Tadaaaa now the story and photos are up for your view :)
I have several lunch sessions with my family in Exxon. Some of the event, I sempat ambik gambar and ada jugak yang tak sempat ambik gambar. And the reason tak ambik gambar is because we believe, we will see each other again and we don't bother to say goodbye to each other...hahah so sweet kan they all? In fact, I don't want to say goodbye at all :)
First, we had our lunch at Acme Bar Coffee Restaurant located at the Troika Service Apartment (located in in front of PNB Darby Park). Have you guys been there? Kalau belum, pergi la try kay? The map is HERE :)
This is my third visits and If you ask me personally ape yang best about ABC, I will say two things :) Firstly, I suka the ambience and the deco. Perfect to "chillex' and coffee-ing :) and......secondly, I love the desserts! Raspberry Chocolate Cakes is to die for! hahhaha..memang sedap sangat..writing this already make me drooling T-T...Last time they used to have Bounty Coconut Cake. Yes! They put bounty in the cake. Cool right??? As a bounty lover of coursela I cari this cake when I come here..but I feel like crying when I don't find my favourite cake in the menu and no where to be found on the shelf :'( Don't know why they stop selling the cake :( I don't bother to ask the guys sebab too sad :(

Enough of not-so-sad story tu kay? Now let's enjoy the pic! :)

Our Starter " Calamari Fries" hahah I forgot the name. Tapi rasa macam sotong goreng tepung je :)

Our sinfully desserts " Light as air Pavlova and Raspberry Chocolate Cake"  

My main course " Spicy prawn Spaghetti Olio" hmmm spaghetti a bit keras masa nih T-T
Sheppard Pie Chicken for the boss, Jen and Serene :)
This is salmon grilled I guess. For Yasmin. Honestly, not worth for money. They just served you the fish with no vege, mash potatoes and etc... Imagine if you were too hungry that day?? The taste,I guess a bit plain. Unless you don't mind paying la...

From left: Serene, ME (just ignore my mouth kay? I guess I talked something to the, Zul Idris aka My boss, Jennifer, Yasmin and Kak Mas :)

Us "Again" before acara utama MAKAN..hahahha :)

For my service lunch, we had the lunch at the Istana Bambu Restaurant located at Jalan Hulu Kelang - Ampang. Nak tau kenapa I pilih this restaurant? Sebab selain budget I yang limited, the buffet lunch is really worth for money! MYR 9.90 NETT per person and you can eat as much as you can! Murah kan??? and the food sedap jugak :) I love the ikan bakar and asam pedas..nyum nyum :) Kalau you all ade limited budget macam I, this place is the BEST! :) 

You guys sure want to know what is service lunch for right? Okay now I'm telling you guys kay? In my company, once you reached certain milestone, employee will be rewarded by having so-called some amount for employee to buy what they want and then the employee will have some budget to organize "makan-makan" for the friends and family. But of coursela ade budget limit ye kawan-kawan? Lagi lama kerja in XOM, lagi banyakla service award amount will be received :)

Alhamdulillah, June 2013 marked another milestone for my career in Exxon. I'm five already! :) Of course, I am nothing to compare with some of my friends who has been in exxon for more than 10 years, 20 years and even 30 years :) But for a "baby" like me, five years is really an achievement :) I joined Exxon, immediately after I have graduated from UNITEN and I learned a lot in the past five years. Alhamdulillah for the experience. In Exxon memang takde istilah " spoon feed ". You have to work independently. Tapi jangan takutla sebab all friends in Exxon will help you with your issues once you asked :) Yang penting " Jangan malu nak Tanya kalau taktau" :) and I learned in Exxon, there is no stupid questions..So kalau tak tau tu Tanya je pada yang pakar. In Sha Allah survive :)

Of course I will miss everything about Exxon except the workload...whoahhahahha...but true kay, I will miss my friends so much! They are like my family already :) I really hope the relationship that we had will still going strong and will stay in touch forever :)

Ameen :)

Okay now let's enjoy the pictures kay dearest?

Me and Kak Mas :) She's the one who helped me a lot in coordinating the lunch. Thank you Kak Mas :)

Me with Kak Zah, Kak Mariyah and Kak Mas :) All of them are my neighbours in office :)

Lee and Me..this picture is funny sebab pakcik Lee nak ambik picture ala-ala pengantin..hahha boleh tak? "layan jer"..Padahal, sofia, alin and me memang suka sangat buli Lee ni..hahahah

Moon, Sya and Me
This service lunch, I combined with a friend of mine. Sya (the one who sits in front of us)

HR ladies and the gentleman

With my ex-boss when I was in Payroll group " Chee Wee Wah" and the lady is my close friend in payroll group "Teh Loo Hua". Behind us is, Rosli (our HR policy advisor). Her experience sangat banyak..and ladies loves him sebab sangat gentleman :)
Thanks for all the guidance and helps when I was with you guys. It was priceless! :)

From left (standing) : Rosli, Chee, Me and Teh.
From Left (seated) : Jennifer, Kak Mun and Kak Anis

The only food that I have chance to snap the photo is only this! "Ikan Siakap 3 rasa"..
hahhaha lapar punya pasal :)

Me excited unwrapped my Service Award Plaque" :)

Family :)

Thanks ALL for the memorable lunch! :)

Wanie/Saff :)

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Counting days! :)

Hi Dearest :)

Sorry for not updating a lot in my blog. I'm focusing more on my facebook and Fan Page. If you guys free bolehla add me or visit my fan page ya? I dah provided link dah kat atas tu :)

Heheheh title blog nak kasi suspen sikit kan? Actually bukan menghitung hari sebab I nak bertunang or kahwin..menghitung hari more to counting my last day working in Exxon :)

After five years working in a great and number one company in the world, I finally had decided to leave the company and focusing on my business :) Trust me it is not an easy decision. I've been thinking about it a year ago and rasa nak resign ni makin kuat bila I dah start my SOHO business..1st month income I sangat best and I yakin I can fly high in this business. And of course I keep on praying in my Solat if this is for me, please yakinkan hati I...Alhamdulillah, Allah have answered my prayer and hati I sangat yakin dan tenang masa I decided to tender my resignation :)

Exxon was my first company ever since I graduated from my university and trust me I learned a lot here. I'm going to miss all my friends in HERE. I used to see them everyday but now no more :( Tapi thank god my close friends join this business...At least we can still jumpa each other like we used to do masa I'm in Exxon :) Sayang they All a lot...My boss sangat2 baik...macam my dad friends in HR dah macam family to 2008 when I joined Exxon, I was the youngest (hahaha now no more kay -_-) I slalu lepak-lepak dengan kakak-kakak (sebaya my mom..heheh in working life kena panggil kakak kan? Baru rasa muda sikit :D ) and they all treat me sangat-sangat baik :) Thank you semua...I will always remember our memories together...sob sob sob  

Seriously my working experience in Exxon is PRICELESS and I'm going to apply apa yang I belajar in Exxon to my SOHO. One thing I love about Exxon is how they do their business. In terms of BUSINESS ETHICS they are number ONE! And I will ensure my soho biz yang I handle nih akan apply benda yang sama:) In Sha Allah :)   

Tomorrow, I will have anniversary lunch for 5 years services in the company. I will combine the lunch with a friend of mine, Sya :) The lunch will be held at Bamboo Restaurant, Ampang...I really hope I would not cry during the lunch...uwaaaaa seriously I hope I wont...( to be honest, I sangat senang menangis :( ) Kalau you all nak jumpa I esok, jomla datang sana k? (hahah budget popular la kan? ) This lunch will be the last lunch I will have with my group..Hope they will love the foods :)

In Sha Allah, I will share the pictures with all of you kat sini kay?

To my beloved family in Exxon, please be happy for me and doakan kejayaan I in my business.. Macam orang lain, I pun ada my own dreams and it is time for me to get out from my comfort zone and FLY HIGH :)

I love all of you more than words can say :)
Take Care and stay in touch :)

Saff / Wanie :)