Saturday, 22 June 2013

2013 Diamond Night - Part 1

Salam dearest  :)
First of all, I wanna say thank you to you guys who has dropped by at my blog and spend some time to read about my story. May Allah bless you all :) Now the hit has already 1000++ (hahaha for a beginner this number is something :)  and I hope to have 1M hits soon..InshaAllah :)
Sorry sebab dah lama tak update blog. Reason tak update bukan sebab malas tau..Sebab utama is Saf busy meeting my dearest business partner yang nak berubah dari biasa-biasa kepada hidup luar biasa :) and at the same time Saf sibuk sikit buat preparation for the Diamond Night tomorrow..opppsss ape tu Diamond Night? Kalau nak tau, you all have to keep on reading it kay? :)

Basically, Diamond Night ni Hai-O adakan setiap tahun untuk meraikan usahawan-usahawan Hai-O yang berpangkat Diamond atas segala usaha mereka selama menjadi bergelar usahawan Hai-O. Malam ni jugak, all the Diamond Managers will receive their Car Key..wohooooo imagine company bagi you kereta idaman you all..hmmmm macam pelik je kalau taknak kan?
Diamond Night this year a bit special for us because our founder of Top Leaders Circle, CDM kak Salha Zain will be the main speaker for the night! Yeayyyy :) She will share with 7000 guest from all over places in Malaysia about her journey in this business from a plain housewife until she has been pickep up by Malaysia government as the MALAYSIA SOHONISTA ICON. I am so lucky to know her personally and be in the group :) Kalau siapa nak kenal Kak Salha, boleh la datang kat event ni malam esok :) 
For your info, at the beginning of her millionaire journey, Kak Salha started her business with a capital of MYR14.60 ONLY and now she received 6 figures income every month! Have you guys ever imagine if you can go to the bank once a week and bank in to your saving account at least MYR 150K per week? She's so inspiring and I am looking forward to listen to her story and one day I want to be like her too! Ameen :) 
Not only that, tomorrow my beloved mentor kak Ieda Rani pun akan naik stage to receive her Diamond award and her car key! Kalau you all nak tau, how's Kak Ieda life before joining Hai-O, you guys boleh visit her blog by clicking her name. Witness with your own eyes how this business has changed her life from zero to hero :)    
My first Diamond Night ever and if tomorrow I witness my mentor will go on stage, soon I pulak akan naik stage..InshaAllah :)
My dress for tomorrow night! :)

In sha Allah esok Saf akan buat live updates from The Mines kay? :)

For now let's practice this song "SAYANG" :)


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