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Akwadek and Akwadyne in Miss PB. Ape tu?

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How's your Monday today? Mine was great Alhamdulillah :) Been busy with questions from my beloved clients yang nak pakai PB but no complaints dear coz I enjoy what I'm doing :)
Hope everyone have a great day so far and please please enjoy the remaining Monday with your loves one kay? :)

Okay harini, Saf nak cerita sikit ape itu Akwadek and Akwadyne? Pernah dengar tak? Maybe pernah dengar but don't care what are they all about kan? Or langsung tak pernah dengar? Heheheh apepun jawapan you all, Saf akan cerita in simple ways kay what is actually these two fabrics..Keep on reading dearest..

For your info, Miss PB (from now onwards, Saf will call set Corset Premium Beautiful as "Miss PB"), ni fabricnya diperbuat daripada combination of fabric akwadek and akwadyne..


What is Akwatek and Akwadyne?

 Akwatek is Wickers unique process that actually alters the fabric to "wick" perspiration away from the bodto cool or warm and keep you dry, not only in extreme outdoor activities, but in everyday activities, ANYWHERE.

Unlike the capillary action of other fabrics that need to be worn close to the skin to transport moisture, the revolutionary Akwatek process pulls moisture away from the body much faster. It actually duplicates and enhances the thermoregulatory actions of the body crating a vapor barrier to keep you cool when the weather is warm, and vice versa when the weather is cold.

The patented Wickers process does not use any add-on chemicals, but instead effects a molecular change in the polyester material, which remains for the life of the garment. Its anti-bacterial barrier helps to control odor, and the process stays locked in for life, even after repeated washing.


What are Akwatek do for you?

1. Stay cool when it's warm
- The more you perspire in warm temperatures, the more Wickers fabric moves moisture from the body. As activity decreases, the fabric will reduce the evaporation process, leaving a constant water barrier between the fabric and your skin.

2. Stay warm when it's cold
Akwatek creates a layer of 100% relative humidity between the fabric and your skin, creating an area of moist air that holds more heat during cooler temperatures. It pulls moisture away, increasing the heat capacity of the trapped air next to your skin.
Akwatek Versus Other Fabrics

Electrostatic vs. Capillary
Akwatek is unlike fabrics that need to be worn close to the skin to create humidity, relying on capillary action. If the capillary fabric gaps, the draw is broken and becomes ineffective. As a result, heat is lost for the wearer.
With Akwatek, individual molecules are separated, thus favoring evaporation.
What Akwadyne do for you?

Akwadyne” tissue is a reliable body thermoregulator. The underwear made of “Akwadyne” does not only warm you when you feel cold, it as well cools
you when you feel hot!
Haaa amacam? Faham tak? Kalau tak faham, Saf dah summarize dah macam dalam table kat bawah nih :)

To be honest, after experience pakai Miss PB I can observe and witness :
- Fabric memang bermutu tinggi and tahan regangan.
- Fabric pun sangat ringan and mudah di bawa kemana-mana.
- Material memang ikut suhu badan kita. Kalau demam pakai Miss PB lagi cepat 'kebah'
- If weather too hot during the day and you sweat a lot, don't worry sebab memang takde bau-bau ketiak bawang ni ha :)
- Nak cuci Miss PB pun senang giler. Rendam dalam 5 minit and gosok-gosok manja je :)
- Fabric akan follow bentuk badan kita. Adeke lingerie you all follow bentuk badan you all?
- Lastly sangat-sangat SELESA :)

Tak percaya ape yang Saf cakap? Nak rasa sendiri kain ni dengan tangan you all? Boleh je :)
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