Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Counting days! :)

Hi Dearest :)

Sorry for not updating a lot in my blog. I'm focusing more on my facebook and Fan Page. If you guys free bolehla add me or visit my fan page ya? I dah provided link dah kat atas tu :)

Heheheh title blog nak kasi suspen sikit kan? Actually bukan menghitung hari sebab I nak bertunang or kahwin..menghitung hari more to counting my last day working in Exxon :)

After five years working in a great and number one company in the world, I finally had decided to leave the company and focusing on my business :) Trust me it is not an easy decision. I've been thinking about it a year ago and rasa nak resign ni makin kuat bila I dah start my SOHO business..1st month income I sangat best and I yakin I can fly high in this business. And of course I keep on praying in my Solat if this is for me, please yakinkan hati I...Alhamdulillah, Allah have answered my prayer and hati I sangat yakin dan tenang masa I decided to tender my resignation :)

Exxon was my first company ever since I graduated from my university and trust me I learned a lot here. I'm going to miss all my friends in HERE. I used to see them everyday but now no more :( Tapi thank god my close friends join this business...At least we can still jumpa each other like we used to do masa I'm in Exxon :) Sayang they All a lot...My boss sangat2 baik...macam my dad friends in HR dah macam family to 2008 when I joined Exxon, I was the youngest (hahaha now no more kay -_-) I slalu lepak-lepak dengan kakak-kakak (sebaya my mom..heheh in working life kena panggil kakak kan? Baru rasa muda sikit :D ) and they all treat me sangat-sangat baik :) Thank you semua...I will always remember our memories together...sob sob sob  

Seriously my working experience in Exxon is PRICELESS and I'm going to apply apa yang I belajar in Exxon to my SOHO. One thing I love about Exxon is how they do their business. In terms of BUSINESS ETHICS they are number ONE! And I will ensure my soho biz yang I handle nih akan apply benda yang sama:) In Sha Allah :)   

Tomorrow, I will have anniversary lunch for 5 years services in the company. I will combine the lunch with a friend of mine, Sya :) The lunch will be held at Bamboo Restaurant, Ampang...I really hope I would not cry during the lunch...uwaaaaa seriously I hope I wont...( to be honest, I sangat senang menangis :( ) Kalau you all nak jumpa I esok, jomla datang sana k? (hahah budget popular la kan? ) This lunch will be the last lunch I will have with my group..Hope they will love the foods :)

In Sha Allah, I will share the pictures with all of you kat sini kay?

To my beloved family in Exxon, please be happy for me and doakan kejayaan I in my business.. Macam orang lain, I pun ada my own dreams and it is time for me to get out from my comfort zone and FLY HIGH :)

I love all of you more than words can say :)
Take Care and stay in touch :)

Saff / Wanie :)


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