Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Hi my dearest readers! :)
Have you guys been wondering why I quit my job and choose to do this business? Why I left xom when I have very stabil income? and Alhamdulillah to compare with my other friends, I'm doing just fine? 
Well, that's only how you see it from the outside. The real is, the pay is not enough for someone like me. Yes, you can call me materialistic or whatever. But I call it as REALISTIC.
After a deep thought, only now I have courage to share with all of you why I'm doing this business and been so in love with the return :) You know right it's not easy to tell the whole world about your personal life...But then, I think it is also good to share about it because my story may inspires others to do the same. I hope, In sha Allah :)
Okay...I have no complaint about my salary. Alhamdulillah, I have enough to pay my house rental, car payment, personal loan, utilities and that already cost me MYR2,500. Then MYR500 for mom's groceries. Saving in ASB MYR 500/month and in Tabung Haji MYR 200/month. Toll and petrol is MYR 500/month on monthly basis and just enough to survive till the pay day again in the following month. Okay too many numbers right? Okay in summary I will have balance of MYR 1,200 to survive till the next pay.
Okay what say you guys? Banyak? Alhamdulillah..at first I pun fikir banyak and I will survive. But as I'm getting mature (word older is too ancient :p ) hahahaha...I don't think it is enough. I will be 28 years old this coming November (hint hint :p ), and I have no enough saving to buy my first house, give more money to my parents and many more. Sedih kan? -_-
I always prefer to buy my first house or apartment from developer because the price normally is cheaper compared if you buy through agent and I am very particular about the age of the house or apartment that I wanna buy. Takkan I nak beli rumah yang dah 10 tahun siapkan? Just imagine the condition.
One day,I have visited a nice and to me affordable apartment in Putrajaya. They offered a good deal. I have to pay only 7% from the total price and that's all. Since the apartment is on DIBS scheme, then I don't need to pay the monthly fee until the house is fully developed. Interesting right? At least for someone who wanted to buy her first house. Of course I have choice to buy readily available apartments or houses, but I have to remember that I need to have cash in hand for the 10% deposit, legal fees and SPA. That's not cheap and the big issue is I don't have enough cash! -_-
 Nak di jadikan cerita, my Dad pergi daftar haji and he brought my mom along. My Dad managed to register himself but my mom not since she's not working and have no saving at all. I happened to called her that day and she told me about my dad and asked me to register myself to perform Haj since I am working and registration can be done via KWSP. Can you see? Once you are mother, you will always be a mother. Always sacrifice for her own needs and never ever tell her children how much she want something :'( Then, I asked her how much that requirement from Tabung Haji if someone's not working to register Haj and she told me MYR 1,300. Seriously, I cried after she told me that. That amount pun I tak mampu nak bagi my mom. Allah knows how much I wanted to bring my parents to perform Haj when they both still healthy :'(
I have been in the company for five years and they gave me annual increment in terms of percentage. So you can guess and hope the percentage will be more than 10%. Alhamdulillah, I always got more than that :) But again this is not enough. Why I said it is not enough?
If your base pay is MYR 6,500 and your new increment in 2014 is 15% , means that your new salary in 2014 will have additional of MYR 975 and that will make your total 2014 base pay is MYR 7,475.  Wowwwww Nampak macam banyak kan? Tapi cuba tengok balik MYR 975 (the 15% increment)  kalau you divide with 12 months, sebulan increment you just MYR 81.75. I asked myself is this my worth? Kerja macam tak hengat dunia and no work life balance I dapat banyak tu je? And kalau korang nak tau daily rate, senang je...you all divide MYR 7,475 with 30 days (or any numbers based on your own company la ) and you will get your daily rate is MYR 248.57.
This make me thinking. I did my own projection on how much will be my base pay when I reach 30 years old. Will I have enough saving for myself, my parents, my siblings? Will I be meeting my Mr. Right if I stay on in this no "work life balance" environment?
I know this business for a year ago from Kak Ieda Rani. She keep on posted about the goodness of wearing Premium Beautiful Corset in her facebook and I have been her silence follower since then. When Kak Ieda ( becoming my mentor now), told me about how much she get as the return, I'm quite excited to join the business and that time (in 2012)  I wanted to do it so badly but my mom does not allowed me because she do understand how I worked in XOM. She afraid I will abandoned my business. But being stubborn, I still applied a loan to do this business but it does not approve for some reasons that bank don't want to reveal. Fine -_-
After all, I never give up to tell my mom and dad what are my dreams, what I wanted to do for them, helping my siblings and how I wanted to give back to the society. In March 2013, my mom and dad finally say YES for me to join this business. Once they said YES, I never looked back and Alhamdulillah things goes so smooth with their blessing :) 
My mom now already registered for Haj and I can't wait to bring my parents and all my siblings to perform Umrah early next year :) In sha Allah.
Besides that, now I started to have saving for my first house :)
All this happened because of this business :) Thanks Allah for the rezeki :)
Okayla that's all for now..
I love the lyrics in this song so much!
Hope you will enjoy it too peeps! :)
Thank you for reading dearest and now I'm off to bed since I'm going to have a long and productive day tomorrow! :)
Wanie/Saff :)

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