Monday, 10 June 2013

Service Lunch cum Farewell lunch

Salam Dearest :)

How are you guys? Hope everyone ceria-ceria selalu kay? :)
Alhamdulillah Saff kat sini sihat-sihat je :)
In my previous post remember I promised, that I'm going to share with you guys, photos during my farewell and service lunch ? Tadaaaa now the story and photos are up for your view :)
I have several lunch sessions with my family in Exxon. Some of the event, I sempat ambik gambar and ada jugak yang tak sempat ambik gambar. And the reason tak ambik gambar is because we believe, we will see each other again and we don't bother to say goodbye to each other...hahah so sweet kan they all? In fact, I don't want to say goodbye at all :)
First, we had our lunch at Acme Bar Coffee Restaurant located at the Troika Service Apartment (located in in front of PNB Darby Park). Have you guys been there? Kalau belum, pergi la try kay? The map is HERE :)
This is my third visits and If you ask me personally ape yang best about ABC, I will say two things :) Firstly, I suka the ambience and the deco. Perfect to "chillex' and coffee-ing :) and......secondly, I love the desserts! Raspberry Chocolate Cakes is to die for! hahhaha..memang sedap sangat..writing this already make me drooling T-T...Last time they used to have Bounty Coconut Cake. Yes! They put bounty in the cake. Cool right??? As a bounty lover of coursela I cari this cake when I come here..but I feel like crying when I don't find my favourite cake in the menu and no where to be found on the shelf :'( Don't know why they stop selling the cake :( I don't bother to ask the guys sebab too sad :(

Enough of not-so-sad story tu kay? Now let's enjoy the pic! :)

Our Starter " Calamari Fries" hahah I forgot the name. Tapi rasa macam sotong goreng tepung je :)

Our sinfully desserts " Light as air Pavlova and Raspberry Chocolate Cake"  

My main course " Spicy prawn Spaghetti Olio" hmmm spaghetti a bit keras masa nih T-T
Sheppard Pie Chicken for the boss, Jen and Serene :)
This is salmon grilled I guess. For Yasmin. Honestly, not worth for money. They just served you the fish with no vege, mash potatoes and etc... Imagine if you were too hungry that day?? The taste,I guess a bit plain. Unless you don't mind paying la...

From left: Serene, ME (just ignore my mouth kay? I guess I talked something to the, Zul Idris aka My boss, Jennifer, Yasmin and Kak Mas :)

Us "Again" before acara utama MAKAN..hahahha :)

For my service lunch, we had the lunch at the Istana Bambu Restaurant located at Jalan Hulu Kelang - Ampang. Nak tau kenapa I pilih this restaurant? Sebab selain budget I yang limited, the buffet lunch is really worth for money! MYR 9.90 NETT per person and you can eat as much as you can! Murah kan??? and the food sedap jugak :) I love the ikan bakar and asam pedas..nyum nyum :) Kalau you all ade limited budget macam I, this place is the BEST! :) 

You guys sure want to know what is service lunch for right? Okay now I'm telling you guys kay? In my company, once you reached certain milestone, employee will be rewarded by having so-called some amount for employee to buy what they want and then the employee will have some budget to organize "makan-makan" for the friends and family. But of coursela ade budget limit ye kawan-kawan? Lagi lama kerja in XOM, lagi banyakla service award amount will be received :)

Alhamdulillah, June 2013 marked another milestone for my career in Exxon. I'm five already! :) Of course, I am nothing to compare with some of my friends who has been in exxon for more than 10 years, 20 years and even 30 years :) But for a "baby" like me, five years is really an achievement :) I joined Exxon, immediately after I have graduated from UNITEN and I learned a lot in the past five years. Alhamdulillah for the experience. In Exxon memang takde istilah " spoon feed ". You have to work independently. Tapi jangan takutla sebab all friends in Exxon will help you with your issues once you asked :) Yang penting " Jangan malu nak Tanya kalau taktau" :) and I learned in Exxon, there is no stupid questions..So kalau tak tau tu Tanya je pada yang pakar. In Sha Allah survive :)

Of course I will miss everything about Exxon except the workload...whoahhahahha...but true kay, I will miss my friends so much! They are like my family already :) I really hope the relationship that we had will still going strong and will stay in touch forever :)

Ameen :)

Okay now let's enjoy the pictures kay dearest?

Me and Kak Mas :) She's the one who helped me a lot in coordinating the lunch. Thank you Kak Mas :)

Me with Kak Zah, Kak Mariyah and Kak Mas :) All of them are my neighbours in office :)

Lee and Me..this picture is funny sebab pakcik Lee nak ambik picture ala-ala pengantin..hahha boleh tak? "layan jer"..Padahal, sofia, alin and me memang suka sangat buli Lee ni..hahahah

Moon, Sya and Me
This service lunch, I combined with a friend of mine. Sya (the one who sits in front of us)

HR ladies and the gentleman

With my ex-boss when I was in Payroll group " Chee Wee Wah" and the lady is my close friend in payroll group "Teh Loo Hua". Behind us is, Rosli (our HR policy advisor). Her experience sangat banyak..and ladies loves him sebab sangat gentleman :)
Thanks for all the guidance and helps when I was with you guys. It was priceless! :)

From left (standing) : Rosli, Chee, Me and Teh.
From Left (seated) : Jennifer, Kak Mun and Kak Anis

The only food that I have chance to snap the photo is only this! "Ikan Siakap 3 rasa"..
hahhaha lapar punya pasal :)

Me excited unwrapped my Service Award Plaque" :)

Family :)

Thanks ALL for the memorable lunch! :)

Wanie/Saff :)

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