Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lets go Gold Coast, Australia for FREE!

Oi Oi Oi..
Siapa kat sini yang suka melancong? OR ada impian untuk melancong? Melancong yang Saf maksudkan ni is melancong kat oversea kay? Bukan melancong kat dalam Malaysia tau! Well to me once you guys boleh pegi melancong kat oversea, so local vacation should be not a problem at all! kan? :)
In 2012, I have promised myself that I have to go on vacation at least ONCE a year! But guys, rezeki Saf, sohobiz Saf ni bagi free trip for 3 times a year! VVIP lagi kay? Yeayyyyyy best gilerrrr! :)
Siapa nak pegi Gold Coast, say YES! Oppsss ni bukan Gold Coast, Sepang ye harap maaf. Ni Gold Coast Aussie you all!!! Fuhhhhh...
Amacam best tak video tu? Haaa tula activities-activities yang kita boleh buat kalau kita pegi Gold Coast, Australia! :)
Dolphin! I admire the fish since I was small :)

Can you imagine seeing and touching this kangaroo by yourself? Feeding the kangaroos. Taking pictures with the kangaroos? I can imagine myself doing all these! lol


For those who are adventurous can try this!


This one too!

 This one also!

 and paling best is the view of the beach in Gold Coast..SubhanAllah cantik sangat :)


Tau tak you all can get all these with NO COST at all? Flight tickets, 5 stars hotel, theme park ticket, foods, etc are fully sponsored! Best and cool giler kan? So lets Aussie with TLC! :)

Kalau you all nak tau how to get 2 free tickets to Gold Coast,
do contact me at 013-3011 330

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