Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Top Leaders Circle : My Inspirations and why it should be yours too :)

Salam dearest,
Hope you guys semua sihat-sihat je kay? And most important thing, you all happy dengan apa yang you all buat sekarang ni :)
I know, lately nih macam tak update sangat my blog..Sorry kay busy terlampau and what happened was too many post are safely saved into the draft..heheheh I will post it soon! Kene proof-read dulu..wah gitew kan? :)
I was happy when I heard from my Mentor, Kak Ieda Rani about CDM Kak Salha Zain's plan to shoot a video of Top Leaders Circle exclusively for the 2013 Diamond Night. To be honest, I can't wait to see the results and as expected the video is super awesome and I hope it can inspires others too, like what it has done on me :)
So proud to see how far my mentor, Kak Ieda Rani has gone to achieve what she have today.When her first brother passed away, she'll be the one who supports her family in Kuala Terengganu and at the same time she got her own family that she need to take care too. Her salary as a contract executive in KL, does not enough for her to fulfill her responsibilities to her parents and her own family. Her life change 360 degrees after she joined Top Leaders Circle about a year ago :) 
Knowing Kak Salha Zain in person really make me proud on who she is today. Started her business with a capital of MYR 14.60 and at that time she just like an ordinary housewife. But her "Kamikaze" spirit is something that I can't imagine. Till now, everytime I listen to her story, my jaw dropped! I'm so amazed by her stories. She sells so many things (kuih raya, etc.) before she found Premium Beautiful. This "magic corset" have changed her life a lot. This mentoring business has proven that, to success you need to have a mentor. The one that successful, for sure :)
Okay now lets go back to the video :) You got to watch it! :) Real people, Real life and Real Success :) Please witness how my mentor Kak Ieda Rani and my dearest founder of Top Leaders Circle real stories :)
How was it? Bestkan?  :)
Let's meet up and I tell you more how we in Top Leaders Circle creates leaders for life and people :)
013-3011 330
p/s : My ringtone is the same song as you guys listened in this video. " Feel this Moment" :) Everytime I listen to it, I feel like dancing..haha ooppsss  

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