Wednesday, 9 October 2013

That five minutes moment

Do you know that five minutes moment in the morning is so important if you want to keep yourself positive and have the right energy for the whole day? One tip that is proven to keep yourself positive whole day is to listen to the "right" song. "Right" song means the song that can boost up your energy and motivate you to keep going (not that "tangkap jiwang" song ya? Sangat tak sesuai untuk kita dengar pagi2 masa on the way to work)
So, my current favourite song is Roar by Khaty Perry.  I love the music and also the lyrics.
Lets enjoy the song! :)
And not only that, if you too busy to exercise, you know what? I have found this exercise video by Blogilates and she is using this song for the workout. That five minutes is so worth it to spend to ensure we have the fit and healthy body. I have tried it out and I swear you are going to love it as much as I do :)

So, now you have the combo happiness aite? Listen to the favourite song and work out that fat belly :) Let's ROAR that five minutes moment! :) 
Have a good day ahead peeps! :))

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