Thursday, 7 November 2013

Put your future in good hands - YOUR OWN :)

Hello Dear! :)
How's your day so far?
Hope everyone sihat-sihat and selalu maintain positive tak kisahlah apepun dugaan or masalah korang hari, jom senyum :)
Feel much better kan? :)
I feel a bit funny today..actually not only today lah..dah biasa jugak kena everytime I throw my opinion about marriage life or how I want to raise my kids when I have one nanti..of coursela now I will give my opinion based on my imagination on how I want my future to be since I'm not yet married.
Okay masalahnya bukan sebab I'm single. Masalahnya is bila Saf posted something on my fb wall something like masalah penderaan kanak-kanak kat nursery dan yang seangkatan dengannya..orang akan komen " nanti bila you dah go through the phase, I'm sure you akan faham"..hmmmm speechless kejap.
My sincere opinion is, orang-orang macam ni is so judgmental..eventhough Saf tak kawin lagi but yes I have friends around me yang dah kahwin and ada anak. Their stories and experience scares me..So, based on their stories , I have my own dreams where I want to spend most of my time to raise my own kids. Yes, we are not God where we can protect and look after them 24hours but again you can always try to be the best parents for your kids kan? :)
I want to be the first who says good morning and kiss their forehead everytime they wake up from sleep. I want to prepare foods for my kids. I want to send and fetch them from school. I want to sit together with them while they are doing their home works. I want to see them play when it is a playtime. I want to watch them fall asleep. I want to do these EVERYDAY. These are my dreams and as a mom I will feel complete :) This is my future .(Aik jaga anak je? hubby how?? Hmmmm dah jaga anak, confirmlah my hubby pun I nak jaga sendiri kan? ^-^)
Tahu tak gambaran masa depan adalah sangat penting? Why I said that? Sebab bila korang tahu ape yang korang nak, from now on korang dah boleh tentukan what are the actions that you need to take to ensure you got what you want to have in your future! IT IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE :) 
Picture taken from Mr. Google
Kalau kita fikir balik, apepun it is always about our choice and each choice always have pros and cons. Whatever it is, be happy with your choice :)

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