Wednesday, 18 June 2014

CDM Celebration : CDM Salleha Roslan

This weekend is going to be filled by lots of  business activities from Friday till Saturday.. Lots of fun is going to happen and I extremely looking forward to our first event that is going to happen on this Friday, June 21st, 2014 at our training Center, Top Leaders Circle Center, Sri Prima Gombak.  We are going to celebrate our fresh from the oven new CDM in Top Leaders Circle, CDM Salleha Roslan! :)

What is CDM stands for? CDM means CASH DEPOSIT MACHINE...bahahaha no just kidding! It's mean CROWN DIAMOND MANAGER and has achieved total sales group minimum of MYR 2 Millions! The highest rank in our company and the level is equivalent to the highest manager in your  organization! I don't plan to share about the income because you definitely will cry if you hear how much this CDM can earn in less than 3 years! AWESOME I tell ya! If my mentor can get it, so do I! 
* Hustle Saf, hustle!* :)

The theme colors for the celebration is colorful but PINK is a must! Heheheh because pink is Kak Sal's favourite, so we are going to spoil her with lots of pink on that night! 

To CDM Kak Sal, Congrats on your achievements and thank you for being such a great mentor and sister to me! I love you long time! 
 See you this Friday with other TLC-ians! 

Saff :)

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