Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Hello Everyone...

It has been a while I didn't write anything in here. It was because, I wrote my entry in and I abandoned this whole 100%. To my surprise, there are still readers who came to support and it makes me think to switch back to Thank you guys are AWESOME :)

Call me fickle minded when it comes to IT and I will agree with you..bahahahaha..I'm unable to understand this 'robot' languange and what do I need to do to increase the traffic and bla bla bla..So frustrating right? But, Alhamdulillah I have my "Sifu" to guide me anything related to this social media thingy and I don't have to over thinking about the robot languange. So, I just FOLLOW because He is the EXPERT! :) Thank you CDM Abg Al-Faath for the guidance and the tips..Please don't ever bored with my question "How to do that, How to do this"..heheheh 

So much I love the design in, but for my bright future, I HAVE to move back to and so, HERE I AM saying hello to you guys :)

I take it as an experience on what has happened and I won't allow it to ever happen to my protege(s). Above all, I just wanna say Google is BIAS *-* (Oppppsss please don't tell Google that I said that :p ) 

Breathtaking view at Village Hallstat, Austria. Been thinking about it quite frequent lately ^-^

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