Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Premium Beautiful Corset : Terpaksa Hilang 6cm Pada Puasa Hari Kesepuluh Puasa!

Terpaksa hilang 6cm aka 2 inches pada hari kesepuluh berpuasa! Ni semua gara-gara Premium Beautiful! Melampau betul premium beautiful ni sebab terpaksa lah beli baju baru untuk raya nanti! :)

Bukan nak cakap ape..tapi just nak share from my own experience. This year Ramadhan memang amazing sangat sebab makan nasi segenggam jer! Sampai my mom and my sis cakap "BAIK TAK PAYAH MAKAN MACAM TU." Hahahah don't get them wrong..They just want me to eat as usual. But its not that I don't want to eat more as usual, it just that I just can't take more rice even satu senduk! Seriously dulu memang rasa nasi segenggam tu sangat ridiculuous! But now, it is something that DOABLE and ok jer pun..tak rasa lapar macam yang Saf imagine. 

Plus, I want to follow sunnah Rasulullah SAW..1/3 is for food, 1/3 for water and another 1/3 untuk udara. Ini bukan 1/3 sukatan dekat pinggan makan kita yer you all...ni 1/3 dari size perut kita :) Lagi pulak nanti kalau makan banyak-banyak, nak solat pun susah sebab perut tu berat sangat! No, I don't want that to be happened especially during this holy month.

So, here to share with you my own fasting experience this year..

During Sahur :
- WAJIB makan. Sebab kalau tak makan, badan akan jadi lemah and dapat pahala tau kalau siapa yang bangun sahur :)
- Saf wajib minum MINERAL COFFEE, makan segenggam nasi, makan 3 biji kurma Mariami and 2 gelas plain water to keep me hydrate whole day.
- and yup I'm done for sahur. 

During the day :
- Wearing PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL CORSET after Subuh Prayers until Asar's Prayer like that. At least 8 hours per day!

During Iftar / buka puasa :
- I will break fast with Kurma Mariami, MINERAL COFFEE and segenggam nasi with fish/chicken/beef and lots of vegies.
- Dessert is a must to stay sweet gitu..hahahah 

After Terawih :
- I will mix Alfalfa Biovelocity Concentared and Garam Buluh Premier Drink for body detoxification and Alhamdulillah bila minum Alfalfa and Garam buluh ni, memang badan rasa ringan and tak letih bila bangun sahur :)

Harini adalah hari ke sepuluh kita berpuasa and I still and will continue the same routine that I have shared with you guys in here :)


the result after 9 days of fasting with this routine is 
I have lost 2 inches!! Yeayyyyyy because I know that I'm getting my old waist! :)
26 - 27 inches is my target and you can do it dear! :)

That's a lot for me since I don't have an opportunity to exercise during this fasting month and in fact it tooks only 9 days to lose the 2 inches! And if I continue the regime until Ramadhan 30th, I believe that I can lose up to 6 inches!!! Oemmgeeee that is totally HUGE transformation for me! hahaha but first I need to stay istiqamah :)

Used to have that leg and that slimming face..and I'm working on it!

Owh just nak share actually those yang nak start your healthy diet, Saf highly recommend you guys to wear Premium Beautiful ni, sebab it helps you taking the right portion while you are eating. Plus Premium Beautiful ni memang membantu sangat untuk tingkatkan kadar metabolism kita which it helps to burn calories faster :)

I'm giving out a cash discount up to RM400 for those who are interested in getting your Premium Beautiful Set :)
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Saff :)