Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Terima Kasih 2014, Assalamualaikum 2015

Today is the last day in 2014!
Alhamdulillah..Terima Kasih Allah sebab masih berikan Saff peluang untuk bernafas di bumi ini and inshaaAllah I will be a better muslimah then before...Aamin :)
So in 2015, soalan paling popular is "apa azam baru you all? " betul tak? and most of facebook status semua asyik bercakap pasal azam baru tahun 2015 (including me!) :)
Yerla..tak boleh dinafikan hidup kita ni perlu ada hala tuju...barulah kita tahu dan focus on apa yang kita nak buat..betul tak? and it is normal bila 10 dari 30 azam yang you all list kan tu tak tercapai and it is totally OK untuk you all carry forward to next year :)

Idea yang menarik! Tulis all our dreams for 2015 and fold them nicely. Put them in a jar and at the end of 2015, let's open it. Mana dreams yang dah tercapai, take them out and yang belum tercapai, put it back in the jar for 2016! Let's have fun in chasing our 2015 dreams! :)
So, apa azam 2014 yang akan you all carry forward to 2015? As for me, few (or maybe not few..bahahah) akan di carry-forward ke 2015 :) Antaranya :
- Get married!
- Buy a nice house
- Get my dream business car
- Get my previous body weight during my Uni. time..lols (dah berapa kali carry forward..but it is OK sebab now dah pakai PB kan :)
my 2015 dreams other than listed above are :
- Start to eat healthy food and exercise regularly!
- Start saving for my Long Term Financail Freedom Fund
- Of course, I want to be a good servant to Allah and better muslimah.
- I want to perform Umrah with my parents
- To achieve high rank in my business. Crown Diamond Manager to aim for! :)
Banyak lagi..and this is only one third of the list :) Cukuplah until now sebab Saff taknak you all pengsan pulak nak membaca my long list dream for 2015 :)
Apepun, please please please doakan my dreams will come true okay? and I will pray the same for you too! :)
Terima Kasih 2014
Saff :)

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