Tuesday, 7 April 2015

5 Things Succesful People Does

Great articles and I strongly believed it gotta be shared with you guys coz I want you to be a successful one too one day InshaaAllah ;)

Actually after my reading..I can conclude orang yang nak berjaya ni sebenarnya above all, he or she FIRSTLY need to be successful in terms of how they are handling their emotions and how do they react to any situations which do not go well as their plan :) 

To me..once you remains calm and believe Allah know best for you, Saf rasa you all memang dah berjaya dah..kalau dalam bahasa "profesional"nya they called it as Emotional Intelligence...so congrats guys! You have done it and pat on your back ! :)

Kalau you all nak baca the whole article, you guys can read it HERE but I am kind enough to have summarized it for all of you :) 

We successful people do this : )

1. We lived in the present. We are not being shadowed by our past and believing the mistakes are fine and it is part of learning :)

2. We do not dwell on things and we do not hold grudge. We forgive people and we MOVE ON :)

3. We do not say YES to everyone. We can say NO easily without saying 'I think I can't' because we acknowledge our commitment in fulfilling our dreams.

4. We do not surround ourself with the complainers because people who always complaints are definitely a TOXIC to us.

5. We do not strive for perfection! Because we realized perfection does not exist :) We achieved our goals by enjoying every single journey to succeed and we definitely love what we are doing! :)

I don't realized actually Saf dah buat semua 5 points ni and honestly I feel so amazing..Of course ada halangan and cabaran..but Saf percaya halangan and cabaran takkan datang tanpa sesuatu kejayaan atau hikmah behind it..betul tak? Saf pernah terdengar dekat radio ikim.fm..sorry sebab Saf tak ingat the whole sentences..but lebih kurang macam ni lah ayat dia :

" Di saat kau pohon kesabaran dan kekuatan Allah hadirkan ujian buatmu agar kamu belajar menjadi sabar dan kuat dalam menghadapi ujian Allah. Di saat kamu memohon agar Kau diberikan Kejayaan..Allah hadirkan kesempitan agar kau berusah bersungguh-sungguh dalam mengubah nasib hidupmu..." 

Setiap kali Saf berdepan cabaran..I always says to myself , " Saf, Allah loves you..Allah nak bagi kejayaan besar and that is why Allah uji macam ni..and Allah nak Kau jadi kuat supaya in the future kalau ada ujian macam ni happen lagi..at least you know what you need to do "..

Cubalah...InshaaAllah you will feel something difference compared to before ;)


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