Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Top Leaders Circle Award : February - March 100K and 60K Sales Achievers

I hope it is not to late to wish a big congratulations to all the RM 100,000 and RM 60,000 sales achievers for the month of February and March 2015! Yeahhh you guys did it! Bestkan when you are not only achieved your sales target, but at the same time you get this kind of recognition from Top Leaders Circle :)

and yes, I was the emcee for the night :) Walaupun dapat short notification from my dearest mentor, CDM Kak Salha for the task, but Alhamdulillah I managed to get it done :) Honestly dulu waktu Saf still makan gaji, perkara paling Saf tak suka is bercakap depan crowd. Alhamdulillah after Saf buat business dengan Top Leaders Circle, I managed to overcome my problem. Tipulah kalau kata tak nervous bila bercakap kat depan crowd, but slowly after that I'm sure you are going to be called as "GILA MIC"  hehhehe

In action
Masa Top Leaders Circle Award night ni, banyak sangat surprises tau..One of them is for the RM100,000 award in April - May, the sales achievers will be getting the Chanel Brooch for FREE! Owh my God! I am so jealous because I have missed my chance to have the Chanel Brooch for FREE! Bestnya..kalau lah boleh dapat award RM100,000 tu banyak kali kan ? ;p Hehhehe but takpe, next is Saf harap my business partners pulak yang akan rasa sendiri apa yang Saf dah dapat and yes not to forget, you guys will be getting the Chanel brooch..Owh my Chanel!
Owh ada satu lagi proud moment, bila Kak Salha announced a good news on behalf of my mentor, CDM Kak Salleha who just got her Merc! SubhanaAllah I am sooooo happy for you Kak Sal and please pray for my turn soon ya :) You deserved it Kak Sal, after all the hardwork and struggles..I follow you 500%! :)

Ambik aura kunci Merc Kak Sal dulu while waiting for mine :)
Okayla, jom layan gambar kitaorang malam tu :)

Congratulation Ana for the RM100K award :)
OK who will be next to own this priceless watch? :)
Congratulation Arni, Ana and Dila for the RM100K and RM60K award :)

Malam tu, Saf on duty with Kak Isma. She was the speaker for the night. Honestly terbaik sangat tips from Kak Isma on how to share the business and how she is selling the Premium Beautiful Elegance on a cash basis!

My emcee's uniform for the night...teheheheh

Can't remember why we laughing
Muka lega lepas habis duty :)

After kelas malam tu, we all memang tak boleh tidur lepas dengar segala tips from Kak Isma. She said, " business ni senangggggggg sangat. Asalkan you buat apa yang perlu." And I agreed with her!
Senang sangat bila kita sendiri jelas dengan matlamat kita and bulat hati dengan guru kita. InshaaAllah hasilnya pasti dapat bulat-bulat jugak :)


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