Wahhh everyone are soooo excited for tomorrow! You wanna know why? Sebabbbbbbb tomorrow we are going to celebrate raya with Top Leaders Circle!
So, anyone yang still teringin nak makan lemang, rending, nasi impit, kuah kacang, nasi minyak, soto and banyak lagi food yang sedap-sedap, you are all invited to our business center tomorrow starting from 8.00pm - 11.00pm!Come okay? ^-^
It would be nice if you all dress up lawa-lawa in your baju raya!
I'm looking forward to see you all tomorrow darlings! :)



We are a team of aspiring omnipreneurs running virtual business from anywhere and at anytime! From diverse backgrounds, we come together and thrive in this business to pursue our dreams and goals. We live and breathe by our values of humility, progressiveness and professionalism. We are fortunate to be in the circle of some of the finest online entrepreneurs. Our team benefits especially from our pool of experienced mentors who shares wholeheartedly their vast experience of more than 10 years in the industry.We shall continue to enlarge our circle, to bring about new and positive change for us to build our society into a progressive and dynamic nation.

On 16th of February 2013, the establishment of a national Sohonista Secretariat has been announced by the Malaysian Women and Family Development Council today  specifically to assist those women undertaking online businesses. Sohonista Chairman, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said the term Sohonista, refers to “small office, home office” and from women for women. The initiative is to strengthen the economy of women, on the principle that every woman needs to have her own “wallet” and being indipendent.

Sohonista does not just focus on women, as we are also keen on the participation of men, who might want to join this programme.

The Sohonista Icon – Salha Zain

“Alhamdulillah, Top Leaders Circle was recognised as the SOHONISTA ICON. On that day, I was one from the 12 speakers invited to share my knowledge on online business. I feel blessed after I have been invited to deliver some of my thoughts and great tips of being a sohonista. Thanks a million for giving me an opportunity  to make a speech  at this  prestigious event. This event really provides us with a very useful platform to exchange information, ideas, experiences and lessons learned in our own way of handling the online business.”


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